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 "Small One" Harrier

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PostSubject: "Small One" Harrier   Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:06 am

I baught this for $15 + $8 fixed shipping from FlatFace fingerboards. Processing took six days, but shipping was only two! Came with the following stickers:

FF Rasta x1
FF Wheels Yellow x2
Harrier Sticker x2
BRR FB Mini Prohibited x1

On to the obstacle.

Its dimensions are: 12.1 CM long and 5.4 CM tall.
The material that is used to make this is super smooth, like, if you take G6's and roll them on the side, they are smoother than on granite or marble. The Harrier stamp is in fact on the left side of the obstacle not on the right as shown in the picture on FlatFace (

The edges and straights are all perfect except for on the sides, where they have marks in them. It is great for doing slides. It makes a very odd sound when you grind on it, especially if your kingpin is touching it. Also, it picks up dirt very easily, and scratches on the top when grinding, but nothing too noticeable. Also, if you don't put some fbs or Riptape on the bottom, it will slide like butter when you do tricks on it. Overall, I would reccomend this to anyone whi is looking for a smaller, higher quality obstacle, or just something to change other than a boring ramp/rail.

Rank: 4.6/5.0 ( for the scratches, dirt, and odd molds on the side )

Now go buy one. Hadn't done it yet, well do it NOW!
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PostSubject: Re: "Small One" Harrier   Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:09 pm

Nice review, thinking about getting one, maye after christmas.
Flatface doesnt ship ramps to the UK so id have to get from FBS but theres no stock.
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"Small One" Harrier
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